Wellness Tips for Life

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Wellness is living in alignment with the needs of your body, mind, and spirit. 

 ~ Unknown


Feeling Misaligned:

Have you ever found yourself facing an illness, whether physical or mental, feeling drained of vitality and struggling to find balance within yourself? It’s a sensation of being fragmented, like a misalignment between body, mind, and spirit.

One of my takeaways from navigating my cancer journey was being misaligned. After feeling whole, I felt divided off-center. In hindsight, I can see why; that was the feeling. I was so busy meeting my career goals and daily to-dos, serving others, and not tending or listening to my needs.

So, for me, well-being transcends mere comfort or happiness; it’s about syncing with my life force, about being in tune with all facets of who I am. We’re not just human; we’re spiritual beings navigating this human experience and finding harmony between our duality.

In the pursuit of well-being, it’s essential to remember a few fundamental principles:

Firstly, there’s no shame in feeling unwell. Every experience, no matter the scope, is the curriculum for our evolution. The key is to navigate it with openness to learn and grow while being compassionate with yourself.

Secondly, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We are the ultimate authority on our own experiences. Trust your intuition; it likely is not if something doesn’t feel right in your gut. Others can share their experiences, but each of us is preciously unique. It’s best to honor our inner compass despite the insecurities we have.

Lastly, well-being is a lifelong journey. It’s a continual process of ebbs and flows that allow us to learn, listen, grow, and adapt. Staying curious about what makes you feel well is vital. We are in a life experiment, so being open to trying new things will help you; what worked before may not work again.

Three Tips for Enhancing Wellbeing:

#1  –  Cultivate Self-Compassion – Be a friend, not a bully

Your thoughts shape your reality. If your inner dialogue is harsh or critical, challenge those thoughts and replace them with loving, affirming ones. You always want to be in the upper spiral of your becoming; self-judgment is not beneficial. Treat yourself as you would a cherished friend, nurturing self-love day by day.

Ask yourself – What would you tell your best friend about this situation? And follow that.

#2  –  Tune into Your Authentic Desires  Listen to your inner knowing

Listen to the whispers of your soul. Acknowledge your deepest longings and recognize where you feel discontent. These feelings are rising for a reason: listen to the wisdom of your soul force. You validate your true self and take steps toward fulfillment by honoring your authentic desires.

Ask yourself – What would I love?

#3  –  Embrace all facets of your being  spiritual and human

We are always at the intersection of humanness and our spiritual side. Acknowledging this crossroad is vital to bringing balance and harmony to life. When you feel unwell, it’s often a sign of imbalance between these two sides. Reconnect with your spiritual essence and allow it to guide you toward wholeness.

The simple acknowledgment of the Source breathing you enables realignment to experience life more fully. 

Ask yourself – What am I grateful for at this moment?

While on the cancer journey, reminding myself of this helped me transform the cancer journey into a spiritual journey. Staying in constant acknowledgment through gratitude helped me feel empowered. My mantra and feeling was, “My god, and I got this!”

Sending you Wellness and Love,

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