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Living life to the fullest is a decision, it is a set pattern in our lives that by being and expecting greatness, then greatness is expressed in our lives. Decide to grow by discovering the patterns in your life expressed in undesired circumstances. Your thoughts, emotions, actions are the pathway for your results because it is a vibrational frequency where like attracts like.

Life is speaking to you; listen to your longing for a fuller, more expanded life, and discontent for the limiting conditions you are experiencing. Spirit is nudging to go up the spiral of your own becoming. Your inner voice is nudging you to live the life you are meant to live, what you are meant to have, create, do, give, become.

My role as your coach is to support your discovery of Self co-creating with Spirit as you tap into your inner wisdom (your small voice) to take the steps bravely and create the life you love living. Trust in the process of Life to support your vision as you Create, the life you have always dreamed of and Thrive living your RealityDreams®.

Endorsing Edna

Before working with Edna, I didn’t think I was allowed to dream as I am the eldest daughter of a single mom. I see my role as the giver and helper of my family. Coaching changed my perspective to believe in myself; be confident in the steps I take in life – I’ve recently transitioned careers, and I don’t think I could have done it without Edna’s coaching. The best part is that I now influence my family with this new way of thinking, and the lives of my sisters and mom have been affected positively because of my step.

Working with Edna is AMAZING! She is genuine with lots of wisdom and powerful, encouraging, and compassionate words. She uses life examples to uplift you and know that you are not alone and the tools she teaches to work. The energy she gives you in every session is felt even through a zoom call. She makes you feel comfortable and holds you accountable when you need to be. She is a fantastic coach.

Ilce Reyes
San Leandro CA

Working with Edna has been such a beautifully transformative experience. With her guidance, I found the courage within myself to change careers and step into my dreams. Edna is a caring, thoughtful and honest coach who believes in her partners – you want Edna on your team! Benjamin King Video Editor and Music Artist, So California
Edna’s program has truly helped me define what I would love to see in my life. I consider myself to be a person who is self-aware, but this program challenged me to redefine my internal narrative, so it honors my highest good in a healthy way. Now that I have more clarity about what abundance looks like to me, the path ahead doesn’t seem so overwhelming! Edna is a joy to work with and always has wonderful insights! Mia Pricco San Ramon, California
Because of Edna’s teachings and DreamBuilder course, I am living from a place of inspiration and exploration rather than defaulting to living by circumstance. I’ve always considered myself to be a growth-minded person, but my perspective and outlook on life’s happenings and hardships has reached a new level of awareness that grounds me daily in a way that it never had. With compassion and thoughtful teaching, she’s shown me how to maintain my inner power and how to decipher the universe’s messages for my own personal growth. Truly impactful, life-changing & life-lasting lessons! X. Andrea Dueñas High School Teacher, Concord, CA

Edna is an amazing life coach. She is an inspiration. She motivates you and works along with you to build your lifelong dream. She guides you each step of the way and provides tools that help you to discover your potential and your true purpose in life. She helps you create your life vision based on what you truly want for yourself. Being part of her program has helped me to find the motivation and determination I once lost. She encouraged me to find tools that could help me get closer to my dreams. Now that I have completed the program, I can say that it has allowed me to become aware of the many opportunities that are available to me. Opportunities that will help me to make my life vision come true. I know that in order to make by dreams a reality I have continue to work each day, be true to myself, and continue to live by my life vision.

Ana L. González
Oakland, CA

I attended one of Edna’s workshops, the content was great! What resonated with me the most is the steps I can take to make my dreams come true! In other words, the logical steps that one needs to take to succeed. Edna’s workshop covers all areas of your life; health, relationships, vocation, and time and money freedom. I encourage anyone who is looking for clarity on their life’s purpose, and needing guidance on how to reach their goals, or simply obtain a refresher and affirmation on how you are living your life to attend one of her workshops or meet with Edna for some one-on-one work. It is worth the time and investment!

Stephan Pippen
Alameda CA

Before my life coaching sessions with Edna, I did not believe that I could manifest my dream and vision of the things I desired to have in my life. Slowly I have been receiving the blessings of a little more financial security, a stronger relationship with my partner, and less fear and anxiety around situations and circumstances. I also learned to forgive my brother for not being available when I need him…understanding he has a highly stressful situation in his life right now and can only handle so much. I also learned to trust my intuition and know that my job situation currently is exactly where I need to be. My future expectations are to continue manifesting my dream using the principles and tools I learned in the program. I received many new life skills and tools to change my thought patterns from old stories to new ways of thinking.  In doing so, the burden was lifted, and I could release some fear and impatience around the challenges I was and am still facing. Edna is a kind, caring, and positive woman…Because her work is a result of her own personal experiences, it added more authenticity to the lessons. I could relate to her experiences and compare them to mine. She is a wonderful life coach, and I felt very comfortable working with her. Francene Svehlak Concord CA

One on One Coaching

My one on one clients identify with one of more of these statements:

  • I want to follow a proven, reliable, and repeatable plan that generates lasting, positive results.
  • I am looking for guidance and ongoing support from a caring, expert, and supportive coach that has a proven track record of helping people move their present life from feeling stuck to living a life by design.
  • I am ready to grow and push beyond my comfort zone to obtain the results I want.

Sounds like you? Then its time to unleash your Voice, and true Power and take action to discover your Self – the person who can achieve all that is You!

Group Coaching

Group coaching offers a dynamic way of receiving additional support from like-minded individuals who are also seeking to grow. Coaching groups are formed in various ways:

Group Coaching Through a Program –

  • By the serendipitous design of Spirit’s timing to unite like-minded individuals while in their growth journey. Developing lifetime friendships and partners-in- believing are the beneficial results of participating in group coaching.
  • By the decision of friends, family, and colleagues to verge on a journey of discovery and work, while leaning on each and holding each other accountable to achieve the results each is looking to achieve.

Group Coaching for Team Development –

  • A group of individuals that are part of a team who desire be coached as a group to discover your potential as a whole and as individuals. This can be the teambuilding activity for a new business or venture to align the group for greater results.

Living RealityDreams® by DreamBuilding

DreamBuilding Program

A 12-Week Program

Living RealityDreams® Master Class

Master Class Program

A 12-Month Program

Living RealityDreams® VIP

VIP Coaching

A 12-Month Program

Speaking & Events

Speaking and Events

Speaking & Events

Seeking to receive inspiration from a coach at a group meeting or event? A few of the topics that may provoke your curiosity…

– Living your best life despite the circumstances

– Can you hear Life speaking to you?

– Areas in our life we can all seek to improve

– Using Vision and Dream to forge a new Reality

– Discover your Voice and Purpose

– And many more

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