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Fearless Future

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May 25th, 2024 @ 9 am Pacific

You will walk away knowing:

The 5 sneaky ways fear shows up to limit your success (and exactly how to recognize them when they do!)

The truth about fear and why it’s not what you think it is (and how to make it work FOR you rather than against you!)

The 3 simple steps that determine whether you live your dreams or not (and it doesn’t matter if you’ve felt stuck for years… when you apply this, it works every time.).

And much more!

About Your
Workshop Coach:

Edna Castillo

Experience the transformative power of Edna Castillo, the guiding force behind RealityDreams® Life Coaching LLC. Edna is dedicated to helping people break free from the daily struggles holding them back, enabling them to embrace lives filled with purpose, confidence, and joy.

As a cancer survivor, Edna knows firsthand the challenges life can present. Her journey inspired her to write the book Living Your Intuitive Genius: How to Tap Into Your Soul to Heal Your Body, Mind, and Spirit—a beacon of guidance for those seeking to unlock their true potential and thrive.

Edna recognizes that every person’s path is unique. Whether you feel trapped, overwhelmed, or unfulfilled, she is here to guide you through the transformational process. With her support, you can uncover the seeds of greatness within you and nurture them into a life of abundance and fulfillment.

Life is a journey filled with ups and downs, but how you navigate those challenges truly shapes your destiny. Edna empowers you to tap into your intuition (you have all the answers), make confident decisions, and cultivate a harmonious and balanced life.

Discover the freedom and flow that awaits you. Allow Edna to illuminate your path, helping you release the struggles of everyday life, gain clarity, and embrace your greatness. It’s time to unleash your true potential and thrive beyond your wildest dreams.

“A real success is not someone who has never failed, but someone who has never quit.”

~ Mary Morrissey

What are others saying?


“Working with Edna has been such a beautifully transformative experience. With her guidance, I found the courage within myself to change careers and step into my dreams. Edna is a caring, thoughtful and honest coach who believes in her partners – you want Edna on your team!”

– Benjamin King, Video Editor and Music Artist; So California

“I attended one of Edna’s workshops, the content was great! What resonated with me the most is the steps I can take to make my dreams come true! In other words, the logical steps that one needs to take to succeed.  Edna’s workshop covers all areas of your life; health, relationships, vocation, and time and money freedom.  I encourage anyone who is looking for clarity on their life’s purpose, and needing guidance on how to reach their goals, or simply obtain a refresher and affirmation on how you are living your life to attend one of her workshops or meet with Edna for some one-on-one work.  It is worth the time and investment!”

– Stephan Pippen, Alameda CA

You have so much more power and potential inside you than you realize.

FREE Online Workshop

Fearless Future

Sat May 25th @ 9:00 am PT

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