Decisions,  Decisions,  Decisions . . .

A Vision Workshop

Presented by Your Best-Selling Author, and Life Coach

Fearless Decision Making to Live the Life You Love!

Are you ready to make your next big next move? 

BUT you letting procrastination, fear, and confusion dictate your choices?

AND you’re stressed and anxious fearing regret over WRONG decisions? 

Join us for this Vision Workshop!

Discover the secrets of highly successful decision-makers.

Gain clarity and confidence to step forward.

Take a leap and Join Us!”

You have so much more power

and potential inside you than you realize. 

Every setback is a setup for a comeback.

No matter how many times you’ve stumbled or felt defeated, you possess the inherent ability to chart a path toward a more free and fulfilling life!

Discover the proven, reliable, and repeatable tools that highly successful use to create the life they love.

Get unstuck with fearless decision-making.

Accelerate your results with confidence, clarity, and purpose.

Stop working harder; instead, apply a proven, reliable, and repeatable system that works!

Leave struggle and limitation in the rearview mirror.

During this live workshop:

UNLOCK THE SECRET TO SUCCESS: Discover How Top Achievers Make Decisions and Live a Life of Freedom, Affluence, and Prosperity.

DISCOVER 3 ESSENTIAL KEYS: Reignite Your Goals and Dreams with Confidence to Craft the Life You’ve Always Wanted!

MASTER THE PROVEN RESULTS FORMULA: Attain Success Year After Year and Embrace a Life of Ease and Flow!

UNCOVER THE #1 BARRIER TO REAL CHANGE: Why Hard Work Alone Isn’t Enough to Achieve Your Goals!

TAP INTO YOUR POTENTIAL: Conquer Fear, Doubt, and Worry to Propel Your Life Forward!

CRAFT YOUR PATH TO SUCCESS: Develop an Inspired Action Plan for Rapid, Consistent Progress toward Your Dreams, Without Stress or Procrastination.

EMBRACE LIFE’S DEPTHS: Discover More Beyond Your Past Experiences

And so much more . . .

About Your Workshop Coach

Edna Castillo

Meet Edna A Castillo, a bestselling author, certified transformational healing and wellness coach, speaker, and breast cancer thriver. With certification from the Brave Thinking Institute, Edna’s journey with cancer and wellness fuels her passion to help individuals burdened by illness, stress, and neglecting themselves.

Through her bestselling book, “Living Your Intuitive Genius: How to Tap Into Your Soul to Heal Your Body, Mind, and Spirit,” Edna shares the principles that guided her through cancer, providing tools to discover one’s greatness. As the founder and CEO of RealityDreams® Life Coaching, she empowers her community to lead healthy, joyful, balanced, and confident lives they love.

Edna holds an undergraduate degree in Business from San Francisco State University and has a successful background in financial services and Human Resources. Following her intuitive genius, she found her true calling in life coaching, empowering people with transformative tools to embrace and love life fully. 

With a bicultural background, Edna hails from Guatemala but made San Francisco her home at the age of ten. Now residing in the SF Bay Area with her husband, she finds solace amidst the coastal redwoods, drawing inspiration for her work from the tranquility of nature..

Edna Castillo

Register now for this empowering 2-hour masterclass.

Fearless Decision Making to Live a Life You Love!

Become a fearless decision-maker

Live a life you love!

And leave the workshop with actionable steps without putting more on your plate.

Virtual Vision Workshop

Sat, March 30, 2024
10 AM Pacific 

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